News - 14 August 2014

Fairground rides shipped to the Middle East and China

A Long Eaton consultancy has project managed deals worth US £1.4m to ship fairground rides to the Middle East and China.

PCDN International, based on Meadow Lane, have shipped the rides with advice from government export body UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce (DNLCC).

Originally formed in 1982 to project manage large contracts involving wind turbines, power station pressure vessels, mining contracts and factory relocations, since August 2012, PCDN International have shipped around 40 fun fair rides to festivals and carnivals.

The turnover on shipping alone has exceeded US$1.4million.

Dave Nisbet, Director of PCDN, said:

“Working for, and on behalf of, fairground ride owners and festival organisers has helped us expand our business.

“We have sourced, collected and shipped 40 large fairground rides to festivals across the Middle East and to China’s Yangzhou Summer Festival site.  Our work involves project managing the entire international process to ensure the rides arrive at scheduled festival times.”

The biggest ride the firm has shipped so far weighed over 40 tonnes, was 200m3 in size and worth £600,000.

PCDN contacted UKTI to get the support and advice they needed from local Middle East expert Louise Stock, and China expert, Jasmine Chambers.

Dave added:

“The advice and support from UKTI was excellent. Middle East expert Louise Stock helped us instigate meetings with the British Embassy in Dubai, which helped us negotiate a number of issues, and Jasmine Chambers helped us to develop a specialist strategy to ensure we were able to work well in China. Their advice helped us generate confidence with our clients and we are now looking to secure contracts for 2015 and beyond.

“DNLCC’s advice and support was, as usual, excellent and appreciated.”

PCDN International have recently been contacted by a Singapore Company who are keen to work with the firm for other festivals in the Far East. 

The company are also working with UKTI in Barbados, looking at placing fairground rides  throughout the Caribbean and supporting over 20 carnivals annually.

Louise Stock, International Trade Adviser for UKTI, who specialises in the Middle East said:

“UKTI works with UK based businesses to ensure their success in international markets through exports. We have worked closely with PCDN International to support and build on their success. Developing relationships with customers is a key aspect to being successful securing contracts in the Middle East and Far East;  PCDN International recognised this by visiting the market on a regular basis. We were able to support PCDN International and provide advice and guidance when required.”

Jasmine Chambers, the UKTI specialist in China said:

“As China gradually shifts to a more consumption and service driven economy, it has strong demand not only for luxury and retail products, but also a wide range of services in leisure and experience/attraction industries.  The China opportunity is clear, but finding the best advice and good quality business connections can be a challenge. At UKTI and its delivery partner CBBC, we can help you. We find the right partners, help you understand China’s regional cities and ensure you are making the most of the opportunity.”

To get help from UKTI call 0845 052 4001 or visit

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