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The transformation of Nottingham Station is just the start

Artist's impression of Nottingham Station andCarrington St

Artist’s impression of Nottingham Station and Carrington St

On Monday (31st March) passengers for the first time were able to experience some of the changes that are being made to Nottingham Station, which is undergoing a £50m transformation, as the first part reopened to the public. 

Passengers were welcomed back into the main station buildings after spending a significant period of time using temporary facilities on Station Street, whilst dramatic transformation and restoration work has been taking place to create a stunning new gateway to the city.

These are exciting times for the people of Nottingham with the first part of the redeveloped station reopening being just the start of nearly a £billion investment in improving transport in the city, and the regeneration of the southern side of the city centre around the station and the Broadmarsh.

The redevelopment of Nottingham Station is the first of the two major transport infrastructure projects to be delivered through funding from the city’s Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) scheme, which levies a charge on the city’s largest employers that provide 10 or more commuter parking places.

Both the redevelopment of the station and the expansion of Nottingham’s tram network, which is also benefiting from funding generated by the WPL, topped businesses wish lists of transport infrastructure improvements that they see as being key to theirs and the city’s future economic success.

The dramatic improvements at the station would not have been possible without a £12m cash injection into the project through funds raised by the WPL, which the City Council was able to use to attract the remaining funds necessary to develop the city’s Railway Station.

Councillor Jane Urquhart, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transportation, at Nottingham City Council, said: “It’s exciting to see this long held ambition to transform Nottingham Station become a reality. This is the first of a number of substantial transport infrastructure improvements we are delivering and that our citizens and the business community can start to reap the rewards of.  

“And of course the redevelopment of the station wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t taken the bold step to introduce a Workplace Parking Levy so that it could help fund much needed improvements in the city’s transport offer, to provide people with real public transport alternatives to using a car, and to compete with other cities to attract growth, investment, and jobs.”

The redevelopment of Nottingham Station is one of a number of transport infrastructure improvements being undertaken in the city which is seeing nearly £750m being invested into the city’s roads, railway and trams services. Including: 

  • The £570m extension of Nottingham’s multi award-winning tram service to serve the south and south-west corridors of the city.
  • The £100m investment in improving signalling equipment and track on the railway in and around Nottingham Station, and the addition of a new platform at the station itself. 
  • The £16.2m improvements to Nottingham’s Ring Road which will increase capacity, reduce congestion and improve traffic flows on the Ring Road, as well as creating new and better facilities for cyclists and pedestrians.  

The transformation of the station is also part of a much wider regeneration of the south-side of the city which is seeing more than £170m of development and regeneration activity which will drastically change the skyline of the south of the city. This includes:

  • The exciting £20m plans for Unity Square, which will provide a new commercial ‘destination’ opposite Nottingham Station, boasting a hotel, office and retail opportunities, and a brand new public space.
  • The ambitious £150m development to transform the Broadmarsh shopping area.
  • The £700,000 restoration of shop frontages on Carrington Street to reinstate the original character of this important street which links Nottingham Station to the Broadmarsh and the remainder of the city centre.

Councillor Jane Urquhart continued: “Attracting a £billion investment in the transport improvements around the city and regeneration opportunities around the station and Broadmarsh area put Nottingham, our citizens, and our business community, in a prime position to attract further investment, jobs and growth .”

Source: Nottingham City Council

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