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As one of the UK’s 38 Local Enterprise Partnerships, D2N2 receives substantial public sector funding. To ensure transparency, fairness and good practice the D2N2 LEP is bound by its Local Assurance Framework.

The Local Assurance Framework (LAF) sets out how D2N2 will continue the process of ensuring value for money, prioritisation, appraisal, business case development and risk management for its Growth Deal programme. It identifies the roles to be taken by D2N2 and its constituent Boards, by the Accountable Body (for D2N2, this is Derbyshire County Council) and by the promoters of projects. It also sets out the process to be followed in selecting priorities for further Growth Deals or other funding programmes if appropriate.

The Accountable Body confirms that the D2N2 LAF conforms with the LEP Assurance Framework supplied by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills on the 9th December 2014, and the revised National Assurance Framework supplied in October 2016.  

D2N2 LEP Local Assurance Framework

APR 22-23 Annex C – Governance Assurance Statement

Section 151 officer assurance letter


In partnership with Derbyshire County Council, our accountable body, we publish our accounts on this website. Accounts for 2022/2023, 2021/22 and 2020/21 are published here.

Older accounts have now been moved to our Library or can be accessed from our Companies House record.

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