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The D2N2 LEP maintains a number of resources to help inform decision making. Each resource includes a D2N2 perspective and can be filtered down to district level, where the data are available.

Resources being maintained regularly

  • Economy Dashboard

    Overview of short-term, medium-term, and forward-looking economic trends

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  • Business Growth and Innovation indicators

    A subset of economic indicators to inform strategic priorities of the Business Growth and Innovation Advisory Board

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  • People and Skills indicators

    A subset of labour market and skills indicators to inform strategic priorities of the People and Skills Advisory Board

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  • Inclusion indicators

    A subset of inclusion indicators to monitor socio-economic outcomes across societal groups

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  • Claimant Count Tracker

    Close to real time understanding of unemployment and other work-related claims, with a granular geographic and demographic profile

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  • Occupational Analysis

    Identifying top occupations by a range of indicators, such as jobs, annual demand, and vacancies, and examining the entire occupational landscape of each district

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  • Apprenticeship starts

    Comparing numbers of apprenticeship starts across LEP and devolved areas, split by demographics and by subject area

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  • Baseline Economic Forecast – Oxford Economic Model Summary Indicators

    This analytical tool explores baseline results of the Midlands Engine Economic Model across a range of indicators and regional geographies. Its purpose is for local policy/decision makers and other stakeholders to understand the current and future expectations of the Midlands economy.

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  • Inflation, pay and cost-of-living vulnerability in D2N2

    A longitudinal view of inflation plus a selection of work-based and poverty-based measures related to the cost of living

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Resources with no updates planned

  • Levelling Up logo

    UKSPF allocations in D2N2

    A breakdown of the core UKSPF funding allocations to D2N2 districts, with an outline of the funding methodology

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  • D2N2 ERDF projects

    A summary of ERDF projects in D2N2 by their year of scheduled completion, including a short description of each project

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  • D2N2 capital projects and outputs

    Overview of D2N2 capital projects and outputs against Government targets

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  • Economic impacts of Covid on Local Authorities

    This tool uses publicly available Decision Maker Panel data and combines it with Business Register and Employment Survey to estimate the impact of Covid-19 on local authorities.

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  • Place indicators

    A subset of environmental indicators to inform decarbonization and integrated infrastructure priorities

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  • Furlough tracker

    Up-to-date picture of national coronavirus-related employment support schemes (CJRS, SEISS) in D2N2 and its districts, along with sectoral and demographic profile

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  • Labour Market Dashboard

    Medium-term skills and labour market indicators broken down to district level

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  • D2N2 Growth Hub Covid-19 Business Survey

    Perspectives of local businesses from our Growth Hub Survey on the impact of Covid-19, their expectations for the future, plans for growth, and human resources needs

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  • Analysis of potential Covid-19 impact on occupations

    Insight into Covid-19 effects on the labour market from an occupational perspective, highlighting important geographical, educational, and occupational differences

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  • Analysis of potential Covid-19 impact on output

    Insight into Covid-19 effects on GDP and GVA, using input-output modelling

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  • Indices of Multiple Deprivation

    Analysis of relative deprivation in D2N2 districts and neighbourhoods using Indices of Multiple Deprivation

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  • Visualisation of schools data

    Visualisation of data on schools in D2N2 based on EduBase, to help assess schools’ performance

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  • Analysis of Apprenticeships

    Includes breakdowns of the number of apprentices, apprenticeship starts and achievements by year (from 2016/17 to 2018/19 academic year), Sector Subject Area, and Provider, as well as learner characteristics

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  • Key data on Towns Fund areas 2020

    Built-up area and local authority district level analysis including historical employment and population growth, job density, deprivation, and sectoral distribution of GVA and employment

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05 April 2023

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08 March 2023

Welcome to the latest edition of the D2N2 Economic Update.

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D2N2 area and the wider East Midlands continues to experience lower levels of Government investment.

07 March 2023

Data shows East Midlands continues to experience lower levels of Government investment

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14 December 2022

£3million funding to benefit manufacturing businesses

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