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Board Blog: Becky Rix on decarbonising the logistics sector

Becky Rix is business owner and Marketing Director of Roadgas Limited, leading their strategic vision and their day to day marketing and communications activity. Becky sits on the D2N2 LEP board and is co-chair of our Low-Carbon Growth Group

Transport remains one of the hardest to decarbonise sectors at pace, accounting for 27% of total emissions. Renewable gas helps to provide for an up to 84% reduction in carbon emissions whilst green gas (biomethane) delivers negative greenhouse gas emissions due to the nature of its production.

Its benefit also extend far beyond the environmental win-wins. Aside from assisting transport operators to decarbonise, biogas also appears to be the smart solution to the problem of mounting waste. Every year in the UK over 90 million tonnes of food waste  finds its way to landfill, and biogas is one of the valuable outcomes of tackling this ever-increasing problem.

Roadgas is the only company operating in the East Midlands able to provide a comprehensive review of current fleet operations and provide fleet managers with the confidence they need to bring renewable gas into their day to day activities.

Preparing for the future

The first lockdown which came at short notice in March 2020 led to a very difficult time in the business – we had to look at new ways of working both remotely and on site to keep our team safe while maintaining operations.

When I look back now I am very proud of the way in which everyone at Roadgas rose to the challenges we faced and I’m pleased to say that 2021 has got off to a good start with the team now working on many exciting projects.

We continue to drive for continuous improvement in everything we do, which has led to a number of new products and services being offered.  Our focus remains on working with the haulage and logistics sector to help them decarbonise the supply chain on behalf of their clients.

We are also excited about the prospect of being able to offer product solutions using hydrogen later this year and delivering our own sustainability plan to reduce our own carbon footprint.

Helping customers transition towards net-zero

We work with customers across both the private and public sectors to provide tailored solutions to small, medium and large fleet operators throughout the UK & Ireland.

Our flagship project is the development of the refuelling infrastructure that supports Nottingham City Transport’s (NCT) fleet of 120 double-decker buses that run daily on biogas. This is particularly exciting as we underpin Nottingham City Council’s ambition to reach its net zero target by 2028.

Our dedicated Roadgas refuelling station now pumps 5.5 tonnes of biomethane every night to keep the NCT fleet of biogas buses running daily on its routes across the city.

New customers are emerging in the HGV market, especially businesses who operate back to base fleets. The UK Government’s 10 point plan for the Green Industrial Revolution is creating more interest in renewable, green gas as a solution to help decarbonise transport fleets.

In my role, I receive many requests for information relating to our refuelling infrastructure, but more recently relating to the benefits of logistic fleets running on renewable gas. These are numerable but fuel savings from day one is commercially important as well as the impact of decarbonising emissions. With costs that are typically 1/3 less – and in some instances, as much as 1/4 less – operators can see that biogas makes commercial and environmental sense.

Roadgas is the leading supplier of renewable gas refuelling station infrastructure in the UK and Ireland, delivering the green gases of biomethane, bio-CNG and bio-LNG. They work with both the public and private sectors to provide a complete renewable gas refuelling solution that meets the bespoke needs of fleet, haulage and logistics operations throughout the UK.  Roadgas is committed to driving the low carbon agenda and the decarbonisation of transport to support the UK Government’s net zero 2050 targets.

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