News - 22 January 2015

CSG Offers Credit Initiative To Support Small Business And Supports Call For Government Guarantee

CSG Pipelines, part of the Casting Services Group, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of quality civil engineering is offering small businesses a workable line of credit in order to help them start trading, and supports greater government backing for fledgling businesses in the utility industry.

Starting a small business can be a minefield of obstacles and challenges, and with no credit history a lot of companies wont take the financial risk of offering credit to start-ups.

Tom Marriott, CSG Pipelines Sales Manager, commented:

“It is very difficult for small businesses starting out today, what we are trying to do is get in at the foundation and help companies grow their business. However, we do feel there is more that could be done at government level to support small business which would really help boost our industry and help UK manufacturing grow.”

Wigan based, PE Pipeline Specialist Ltd is a specialist supplier of pipework systems into the gas, water and electricity industries and has just opened the doors of their business this month. One of the major challenges they have faced has been establishing a line of credit from suppliers simply to get started.

Paul Evans, Company Director, PE Pipeline Specialist Ltd commented:

“Many companies will not offer credit without some sort of personal guarantee, I have taken a risk by leaving a job to establish a business so am reluctant to put my family home on the line. There should be some sort of government guarantee which new businesses can use to open credit accounts with suppliers to help get their business off the ground.”

Many suppliers request a couple of orders on pro-forma but in the infancy stage of my business this is where cash flow is important to me, and pro-forma payments for stocked items could cripple my cash flow.

CSG have been one of few businesses have been able to offer me a workable credit limit, which has enabled me to get things started and means I will be loyal to them as suppliers as my business grows.”

Floline North East, based in Bowburn, Durham is a distributor of plastic underground duct, drainage pipes, fittings and ductile iron pipes, fittings and valves and has been in operation for twelve months. Similarly the major challenge facing them in their first year of trading has also been securing credit facilities.

Colin Brewer, Managing Director of Floline North East commented:

“Businesses need to help each other out. CSG has been very supportive and given us a good start by offering a credit limit that was enough for us to begin generating orders. Then as we have paid for materials they have gradually increased our limit. 

We are now in the fortunate situation whereby we have not only grown and increased our staff, we now have a number of suppliers for most products, which has helped spread the credit and because we factor our sales invoices we are getting paid a portion of the invoice value up front.”

All CSG products are certified and compliant with latest BS:EN international standards.

For further information visit: or call 01283 554720.

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