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D2N2 Careers Hub features in Careers and Enterprise Company report on Apprenticeships and Technical Education

Our D2N2 Careers Hub features in the Careers and Enterprise Company’s report ‘Conditions for transition: supporting young people onto apprenticeships and technical pathways – a regional analysis.’

Our Strategic Careers Hub Lead, Lana Jay, said:

“We were happy to share our thoughts and experience around Apprenticeships and Technical Education (ATE) within this report. We really appreciate the support and dedication from our key stakeholders surrounding this work. It’s clear that there is growing enthusiasm from young people towards ATE routes, such as apprenticeships. As a Careers Hub, we are committed to driving this framework to help everyone in the education system improve access to those pathways and support young people into the best next step for them.”

Young people often find the transition from one education organisation to another, or into the world of work, complex.  Alongside the traditional path of A-levels and university, skills routes like T Levels and standards-based apprenticeships are much newer. The CEC recognised this complexity and led a programme of research into what factors enable and inhibit young people from taking apprenticeships and technical education (ATE) pathways.

Region by region, factor by factor, the CEC used data and expert insight to diagnose the issues and identify good practice. Their transitions framework highlights that young people need eight things to go right at the same time to reach their goal and fulfil their aspirations.

The report considers how a young person’s journey onto a technical pathway is influenced by those eight key factors which vary according to region, sector and the individual concerned.

These eight factors are:

  • Employer need
  • Employer willingness to offer opportunity
  • Access to relevant training options
  • Conversion rate of interest to take up
  • Promotion of Apprenticeship and Technical Education (ATE) options
  • Enthusiasm for occupations with opportunities
  • Understanding of ATE routes
  • Existing skills levels match requirements for next step

Our D2N2 Careers Hub’s work with local schools in support of these eight factors is mapped alongside the performance of the other 42 Careers Hubs across England in the report. In addition, there is a detailed section on D2N2’s work, relating specifically to the factor of Promotion of ATE Options (page 35).

In addition to conducting this research and pulling together this report, the Careers & Enterprise Company has put in place an Apprenticeships and Technical Education Framework that is designed to support Careers Hubs, schools, and colleges and all involved in the education system to get more young people to undertake Apprenticeships and Technical Education routes.

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