Blogs - 04 February 2020

Isaac Azim: Why I chose an Apprenticeship

In the second of our series of Apprenticeships-focused blogs celebrating National Apprenticeship Week, Apprentice ISAAC AZIM talks about what inspired him to undertake an apprenticeship in business administration:

D2N2: Hi Isaac, please tell us what prompted you to enrol in an apprenticeship?

Isaac Azim: I originally considered going to university, however, during my two years at Sixth Form, it became apparent to me that the subject I wanted to study was no longer a career I wanted to pursue.

I had heard how apprenticeships can be a gateway into an industry, and that, along with learning the skills needed for a role, I would also be able to receive a qualification at the end of the apprenticeship.

For me, it felt like a no brainer.

D2N2: Why did you choose the Business Administration apprenticeship? What special skills did it give you?

IA: I attended a careers fair in Nottingham that showcased the various opportunities and career routes for young people and lots of the colleges there were focusing on the apprenticeship route.

I was told about how undertaking a business administration apprenticeship was a beneficial way for people who were uncertain about their career paths to gain valuable experience of multiple careers whilst studying for the qualification which proved true for me.

During the apprenticeship, I have learnt many skills that are essential to my career and in my current administration job role.

Apprenticeships are an exceptional route for people who wish to develop their knowledge within an industry and also their social skills within a job role over time.  

D2N2: What did the apprenticeship involve?

IA: The apprenticeship was chiefly a series of coursework and tutor-led sessions over a year with the coursework involving different projects such as observations in the office environment, designing graphics, helping in the organisation of events, and creating and presenting PowerPoints.

One of the most valuable experiences I had though was learning how businesses operated up close in a way that you don’t get if the learning is just theoretical in an academic environment.

D2N2: What advantages do you have now over other employees your age?

IA: I am now more competent within my current job role from the skills and knowledge that I gained from the apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship has allowed me to secure a full-time role within a smaller time scale in comparison to studying at University.

It has also improved my social abilities, such as communication with others in the workplace, allowing me to become more vocal as an individual, improving my work ethic, and giving me the confidence to collaborate with other people during projects which are all things I didn’t feel comfortable doing before the apprenticeship.

D2N2: Can you tell us about the new apprenticeship you are about to start on?

IA: I am hopefully taking on my next apprenticeship which will be the Marketing Executive CIM Level 4.

Having done a little bit of marketing during my last apprenticeship I’ve found that it’s an area that allows me to showcase my creativity.

With this new apprenticeship in mind, I hope to further improve my marketing skills in order to branch into that discipline in the next stage of my career.

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