People & Skills Projects - 04 March 2022

NCW22 case study: Levelling-up in Mansfield and Ashfield

During National Careers Week, we’re encouraging businesses to discover the ways they can make a difference to the career aspirations of young people in our area. Our case study series explores recent D2N2 projects and the impacts they’ve had. For more information on D2N2 skills projects, visit the projects page.

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and Vision West Nottinghamshire College (WNC) have formed a partnership to deliver higher education from WNC’s main campus in Mansfield.

This local provision is the first step in NTU’s wider contribution to supporting the levelling-up of these two former mining towns. It brings NTU’s track record for innovation to the challenge of transforming the skills and knowledge of residents in the sectors where local employers need them most.

Teaching takes place at the College’s £6.5m University Centre and in a £1.5m Centre for Health and Allied Professions, both of which received funding from the D2N2 LEP.

Designed and delivered in consultation with local employers, courses are based on Level 4 and 5 qualifications, such as Foundation Degrees, Higher Technical Qualifications, and Apprenticeships. This means the two institutions have an integrated pathway from Level 2 to Level 7.

NTU aims to make Mansfield and Ashfield university towns, with all of the economic, cultural and social benefits this will bring. As of October 2021, 262 students are studying NTU programmes in Mansfield, following the second intake.

Andrew Cropley, Principal and CEO at WNC said: “The partnership between WNC and NTU has phenomenal potential to help businesses create the secure, rewarding and well-paid jobs that will drive economic prosperity and to support local people in fulfilling their potential and playing an active part in the success of Mansfield and Ashfield.

“Businesses now have the opportunity to have a single conversation with committed local partners, who are focused entirely on doing their best for the local area, that can help them address all of their skills needs and support them to embrace new technologies, reduce their carbon footprint and grow.”

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