News - 05 May 2015

Nottingham Festival of Young Entrepreneurship Launched

D2N2 has welcomed the launch of a festival which will showcase the creative industries – one of its eight key sectors.

The ENTER festival was launched on Friday (May 1) at Cobden Chambers, in Nottingham city-centre, and will run until Sunday June 21. It will feature talks on health and wellbeing, art, design and fashion shows, as well as exhibits from D2N2 partner organisations Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Trent University.

ENTER 2015 is organised by Nottingham’s Creative Quarter (a publicly funded body working to foster creativity) and aims to showcase and inspire the next generation of business talent through a range of workshops and events held in a number of different venues including Nottingham’s Council House, Nottingham Trent University (Burton Street), Nottingham Playhouse, New Art Exchange, Confetti and Antenna.

Kathy McArdle CEO of the Creative Quarter (Left) (Credit Simeon Hartwig)

Kathy McArdle, Chief Executive Officer of the Creative Quarter (Right) at the launch of ENTER 2015 (Credit Simeon Hartwig)

D2N2 has identified the creative and digital industries as a key driver of economic growth in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, with an estimated 24,700 people across 4,376 businesses working in Creative and Digital Industries (CDI) in the area.

Looking to the sector’s future in late 2014, the D2N2 Creative and Digital Industries Working Group asked the Creative Quarter Company to commission a wide-ranging assessment of the CDI’s sector profile, needs and ambitions. The work was undertaken by Nottingham Trent University’s Nottingham Business School and the resulting document – entitled The Creative and Digital D2N2: Strategic Action Plan for the Creative and Digital Industries in D2N2 – is due to be published shortly.

D2N2 Chief Executive David Ralph said:  “The creative industries are playing a key role in the upturn of our local economies and we want to make sure we continue to do the right things to help them flourish.”

Chairman of the Creative Quarter Board Mich Stevenson OBE, added: “I have championed Nottingham’s young people and entrepreneurs for many years and the ENTER series of events will provide a great platform for our energetic and talented young people, to show exactly what they can do and achieve when they’re given the right opportunities.”

For more information about the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership, visit website at and to learn more about the Creative Quarter’s work visit website

Further information about the ENTER 2015 festival can be found at website at . For a full guide to the festival’s events download the ENTER 2015 guide

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