Blogs - 06 February 2020

Rebecca Ward: Using An Apprenticeship to Break Down Barriers

As part of our series of blogs celebrating National Apprenticeship Week, we sat down with REBECCA WARD who has used the apprenticeship route to overcome her Dyslexia whilst also enhancing her career prospects:

D2N2: As a dyslexic person, how do you feel an Apprenticeship suits your needs?

Rebecca Ward: I feel that my Apprenticeship help my needs because it involves studying in a working environment instead of a college/school class environment. I struggled in school, but I have always liked and worked better in the workplace. Apprenticeships make me feel better about being dyslexic because the provider and my employer encourage and offer me the support needed to complete my apprenticeship and succeed in my career path.

D2N2: You’re now aged 30 and currently studying for a level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship; how did that happen?

RW: I was working in retail and I decided that wasn’t what I wanted to do for a career. I started applying for administration roles I didn’t even get an interview because they wanted a more experienced and qualified person for the job.

Having already studied for my level 2 Business Administration apprenticeship, I knew that the process worked for me, so I applied to the Level 3 Business Administration/PA job role at Heathcotes Head Office and was taken on.

D2N2: What is expected of your employer whilst you are completing your apprenticeship? Do you get time off work to study or special projects?

RW: My job is learning to be a Personal Assistant so I always have projects and tasks to do for the Directors. A lot of my study is based on the work that I do so its been quite easy to study and work at the same time. My employer allows me to go to Chesterfield College when needed and they will give me time when my tutor visits.

D2N2: How do you feel the apprenticeship has helped you develop later in your career?

RW: The apprenticeship has helped build my everyday confidence and character. I have learned many new skills including using Microsoft Excel, organising and keeping a check on stock, and everything that a PA job role includes. At college and at work, I have the support I need to complete any task to the best of my ability.     

For me, completing an apprenticeship aged 30 has helped me work more efficiently and more productively, making how I work more professional and benefiting my employer.

I have enjoyed my apprenticeship, earning a wage, and learning so many new skills. Doing the apprenticeship has helped me decide what path I want my future career to take.

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