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We ‘Love Apprenticeships’ Pledge

Organisations are urged to ‘Love Apprenticeships’ this year. Apprenticeships 4 England has launched a national campaign to promote Apprenticeships. 

Businesses & Training Providers who love apprenticeships are urged to support and pledge, to raise the awareness of the benefits Apprenticeships bring to organisations who engage in apprenticeships either by training or by employing apprentices. All organisations who sign up to the pledge will be able to display the We Love Apprenticeships Logo on company websites.

We Love Apprenticeships is inviting Training Providers / Businesses across the country who delivery quality apprenticeships and value apprenticeships and the apprentices they employ to sign The We Love Apprenticeships Pledge.

That all involved in apprenticeships offer The Appropriate Apprentice Wage. impartial careers advice, promote the vocational route and work with training providers/employers/apprentices to reveal the potential of Apprenticeships. All participating organisations are entitled to display the We Love Apprenticeship Logo on Company websites and include it in their printed materials.

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The Pledge

1.Be a job with a productive purpose

apprentices should have parity of terms and conditions with all other employees. All quality apprenticeships will have progression opportunities to genuine employment.

2. Be paid a fair Wage & Supplied with a contract of Employment and paid at least min apprentice wage

Apprentice rates should reflect the job done; if an apprentice does a full job they should be paid for it, or quickly progress incrementally to that point.

3. Ensure high quality training and clear individual development

Apprenticeship programmes must identify a clear programme of training that is relevant to the job and recognisable in the sector. Apprentices must be given sufficient paid time off the job to study in colleges/training provider centres, or in dedicated training centres at the workplace.. On the job training should be fundamental to the apprenticeship. There should be a clear system for supervision, support and mentoring, by appropriately trained work colleagues.

4. Be accessible to, and achievable by all

  • A good apprenticeship programme will include strategies to ensure that Apprenticeships are accessible to the widest possible demographic and diverse spread of people. Particular attention should be given to enabling people from disadvantaged groups to take up any opportunities offered and support given to complete them successfully, thereby achieving the full benefit of apprenticeship.

5. Be part of, and contribute to, a Healthy and Safe environment

  • Employers and Training Providers should work together to ensure a safe environment. Particular attention should be given to the unique needs of apprentices and young workers. Apprentices should be given sufficient training on health and safety, including relevant legislation, and the programme should be regularly reviewed from a health and safety perspective.

6 A commitment from the employer to complement the workforce, not supplement it.

  • Apprentices should not be recruited for job substitution, but to fill genuine skills shortages and plan for future skills gaps.
  • Apprentices should be employed by the employer, not as temporary or indirect labour.
  • Apprentices should be a key part of the workforce, and shouldn’t be seen as a way reducing cost. Make your pledge now.

If at present your company does not take on apprentices  and you agree with the terms of the pledge please sign up as well.

Don’t  hesitate to get in contact if you need help or any assistance in finding out how apprenticeships can work for your business. Sign The Pledge Now

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